Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Ramblings...

Good evening bloggers!

So firstly, I decided to forget the whole halloween costume contest thing, but I am still going to add a few DIY things to it, and will post pictures later :)

Secondly, my Grandma got me into this chain letter quilting project. This particular one was called "Purple Charm Quilt". You send 2 purple quilt squares to a bunch of people, with instructions, and some addresses. It's kind of complicated to explain! And it hasn't really worked this far. You only get the right amount of squares if all of your quilt square recipients participate. And mine didn't. (But thanks to the ones who did! You made my day with your mail!)

However,both of my Grandmas gave me extra purple material and squares to make a quilt with anyway! Thanks Grandmas!! Here are my purple squares:

Have you ever participated in a chain/mail quilting project?? If so, please comment and send/post pictures! I'm curious to know how your quilts turned out! I will start mine some weekend when I don't have a giant paper to write and midterms to study for... :)

Have an incredible start to the week,

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