Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bake = Love

One of my favorite things to do is bake for my friends and family. For those who know me, it is one of the ways that I show my appreciation and affection for people. I enjoy baking cookies, breads and other treats, but my current favorite is cupcakes! Now I think a from-scratch cupcake is the ideal, but often things happen very spontaneously and without advance notice. So I've learned to make quick cake mixes delicious in some pretty simple ways. Inspired from the Duncan Hines book "Cake Mix Magic" and from Martha Stewart's "Cupcakes" here are just a few of the variations I've tried: (top) chocolate brownie minis, (middle) coconut dream(bottom), strawberry cheesecake. I will share some recipes later on!

Have a great day!

Much Love,

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