Thursday, September 16, 2010


One of my other passions in life is to take something old, useless, or otherwise forgotten about, and turn it into something beautiful. And as my sister and I were cleaning out our closets today, we found some old T-shirts we had forgotten about. Some of the T-shirts had silly quotes on them, others had cartoon characters, and others were from family vacations. After they didn't fit me anymore I saved all my favorites, thinking that one day I could make something special out of them (I'm a bit of a clutter collector). But luckily for me the world wide web is full of great ideas on how to use your old and sentimental t-shirts in fantastic projects such as the following:

- T-shirt Quilt (found on Craftzine)

- T-shirt Scarf (found on Craftzine)

-T-shirt Bags, Refashioned Clothes and other Projects (found on Generation T)

I think the t-shirt quilt will be added to my project to do list! As my communication studies professor would say... "It is a reflective quilt- representing where you've been and why you've turned out the way you have" :)

Happy t-shirt Crafting!

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